Blog Reboot

I’ve been playing around with the idea of seriously blogging (not just journal type blogging) for quite some time now. I tried a bit to make my old ‘blog’ into more of a blog, but I’ve decided to try this out for a while. I have so many ideas, but as I stare at this form, I’m kind of blanking. I think my first post should be something substantial, but what?

With two sick kiddos, not much has gotten done around the house today, but that is okay. Dishes and laundry can wait for a bit. The kids are only little once. I will take all the cuddles I can get from my sweeties. I just wish they felt better. As I write this, I am wearing one little one and have the other’s head in my lap while they nap. :Sighs: So sweet.

If you have little ones, drink up all the sweet little moments. Write some down for when they get older, for when you get older.

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