“Fun” {Strong Family Challenge Week 1}

@godschicki #strongfamily project

A while back I ran across this post by Faith Along the Way. Sarah Ann has been gifted with a great vision for families this summer. I think I will be posting about the previous week’s challenge Mondays. This idea is simple: Build stronger bonds in you family by intentionally looking for things to do.

Our kiddos are little still, so it doesn’t have to be elaborate get a 2 and almost 1 year old to have fun!

Week One’s Challenge is:

 Plan something fun to do with your family that you haven’t done before or done in a while.  Frugal fun is often the best, so be creative!

This week we did a couple of things.

We had a water fun day Saturday as we set up a kiddie pool by our sandbox. The kids had a blast and daddy got “in” on the fun too. Pretty inexpensive (I paid $2 for the pool last year at the end of summer and it just took some water to fill up), but loads of fun.

Water Fun Day @godschicki @Fatihalongtheway #strongfamilyproject

We also went to a local festival and watched the fireworks together. I have always loved fireworks and festival atmospheres. Our little guy could take ’em or leave ’em, but little girlie loved it. It only cost us to park.

Summer is a great time to catch festivals in your area. Many times you can follow your city’s Facebook page, subscribe to your local recreation center’s news letter or just watch the news to find fun times in your area.

Don’t forget to look for sales on swim gear as the season draws to an end!

It is not too late to join in…….

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