Outside {Strong Family Challenge Week 2}

In case you missed it, last week I shared about Faith Along the Way’s Strong Family Challenge. Here is my post for the past week’s ‘theme’.

Strong Family Challenge Week 2 @godschicki @faithalongtheway #strongfamilyproject

Week 2: Outside
Do something together outside that gets the whole family involved and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Since our kids are not too hard to entertain, we have done some pretty simple things.

My kids enjoy being outside tremendously. We have a bunny in our backyard they like to chase around until he goes and hides in his home (he’s a wild bunny, not a pet, and I sort of feel like Mr McGregor chasing Peter out of my garden…).

This week has been hot. We took time to build sandcastles and memories in the sandbox and worked on putting in the garden for the year, and played in the pool.

In the sandbox we have a bunch of toys. A few of those funnel/wheel things that you put the sand in and it spins the wheel as it sifts through the funnel. Our little guy get excited seeing it filter out. Our girlie likes to sift it through her hands.

Outside Fun @godschicki

Putting in the garden has been a slow process this year. Instead of doing it once, all day, I have worked on it little by little all this week.

As I work in it, I get the kids to help me water the plants. Girlie tries to help me by tasting the plants….and the dirt….

What I like about gardening with the kids is I can start teaching them simple truths about walking with the Lord through object lessons. The garden and planting hold so many spiritual lessons! So, while they may not remember my exact words, hopefully, as we talk about them each day, they will pick up on them and they will be hidden in their hearts and minds.

That is our week “Outside”.

Sometimes we think that we have to plan a super big deal to make memories, but some of my fondest childhood memories are of simple, every day things. Playing the the sandbox. Building camp fires and ‘cooking’ over them. Walking with Grandma or Granddaddy for one on one time. Reading with Mom (or Granddaddy). Catching fireflies.

Do not feel that since you can not have some grand elaborate plan that you can not take part in the strong family challenge.

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