Service Project {Strong Family Challenge Week 3}

A bit late this week, but here is our Strong Family Challenge update for last week. To check out the challenge, check out Faith Along The Way.

The challenge:

Week 3: Service Project

Give back in a big way and teach your children to be a servant.  Even the littlest of children have ways to help serve others.

With a 2 year old and a now 1 year old, I was wondering what to do as a service project. I mean, what do you do as a service project with a 2 year old?

A big highlight of our week is trash day. A big highlight. Our little guy loves the trash trucks. Each week we pray for our sanitation workers, that they would have a great day and stay safe.

On Wednesday night we stashed some coconut waters and plain waters in the frig and wrote a card for our sanitation workers.

Strong family challenge @godschicki #strongfamily

One of the drivers waves and honks when he sees little man and I at the front door. Such a simple act has blessed our home so much. I wanted to try to make his day brighter, so when we heard him come into the neighborhood this week, we waited outside for him to get to our house. We gave him the card and thanked him for his service, and gave him some water. I pray that it blessed his day like he blesses ours.

Strong family challenge @godschicki

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