I have not post as much as I wanted to this summer. Life has been busy. Between chasing two toddlers (because L is not a baby anymore….sniff, sniff) and trying to do stuff around the house, I have had little time to do much else. I am not going to worry with a picture for this post, I do not think it is very ‘pinnable’.

This is pretty much just an update post for now. I hope to get a couple of other posts up here this week, but we will see. It’s already Wednesday.

We took part in a great choir homecoming celebrating the 20+ years of excellence in ministry of the choir director who ruined most other choirs for me (seriously, he demanded a level of excellence that I have not seen since). What a legacy he has left (and not just the whole ruining other choirs for people). Over 100 current and former choir members took part (not counting the drama participants who returned), It was nice to see so many old friends.

Big news: we have a new freezer and a new (to us) vehicle with air conditioning.

The freezer we got on sale after ours had been struggling for a while. The new one is a chest freezer, which I am still not sure about. There is a lot more room without the shelves, and the energy savings are supposed to be big, but I lost my casserole dish storage….

The vehicle is an SUV instead of a van like we had planned on, but it meets all of our criteria we set out before we left. B is already in love with it. On a recent trip to the pool (after having the car all of three days), he freaked out as we were leaving because someone else in a similar car was driving away (and blocking the view) of our car. He was much relieved to see our car was still there!

It has been hot here the last few weeks. Yesterday and Monday we had heat advisories.

Story time is almost over for the summer.

We have fail miserably at the Strong Family Challenge the last couple of weeks. Though, since we do a lot of this stuff anyway, I do not feel too badly about it. Perhaps we will just pick up where we left off, or do the challenges after we finish the rest.

The littles are up, it’s breakfast time.

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