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The Movie

The Movie @godschicki
Have you ever seen a kid get into a movie? I do not mean they become engrossed in it once. I mean they watch it over and over any chance they get. Is it not wonderful how they get into it?

I mean, my 2 year hold has seen Frozen, or “Anna!” as he calls it, more times than I can count. He loves the movie. Especially the last 5-10 minutes or so.

(Spoiler below, if you have not seen it…..)

When the chandelier falls he says “UH OH!” and makes sure I see (usually in that puts-his-hands-on-your-face-to-make-you-look-at-him kind of way)

He gasps with something like worry each time he sees Anna begin looking for Kristof and when Hans finds Elsa and tells her that her sister is dead and again as Anna turns to ice saving her sister.

Then, he starts laughing, clapping and shouting “Anna!” when she begins to thaw. He can barely contain himself. He laughs and get giddy.

Every. Time.

It got me to thinking… How many times do we go through the Bible and read it (even if just in our heads) in a flat monotone voice? The resurrection for example. How excited do we really get over Jesus defeating death? When we read about the grace we have through Christ, do we read it as if we have 100 times before or do we get excited that God Almight, Maker of heaven and earth has made a way for us and want a relationship with us?

How many times do we get excited to talk to our friends about what God is doing in our lives? Do we get so excited we make them stop and look? To the point of taking their face in our hands and looking them in the eye?

Just some ponderings from this mama’s day…

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