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Personal Goals for 2016

It has been said that failing to plan is planning to fail.  Aim for nothing and you are sure to hit it.


While we are already a week into 2016, I am sharing some of my personal goals for the year.

To establish a consistent quiet time
To take a Sabbath day every week
To make new friends
To read a fictional book
To reconnect with penpals
To start a Bible study with some mom’s who are in a similar boat
To get more physically active
To find a Titus 2 mentor

To be intentional about spending time with hubby
To spend time growing closers to each other

To be a joyful mama
To savor the time I have with my kids
To read 5 books a day
To play more
To teach my kids how to clean up after themselves
To teach my kids how to do some simple chores
To start doing arts and crafts with the kids

To master cooking with cast iron
To declutter enough to get a handle on things
To establish a consistent daily routine
To have people over every month
To establish a cleaning schedule
To try a new recipe each month (at least)
To learn how to use my pressure canner
To have a big garden
To preserve the produce from said garden
To sew three aprons and one or two dresses

To post at least once a week
To build a community
To hit 1,000 Facebook page followers
To hit 1,000 subscribers

I am sure that these will evolve and change over the year, but they are what I am aiming at.

Do you have a list of goals for the year? What are you aiming for? 

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