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Bible Study Resources & Posts

Bible Study Resources & Posts

I have now finished this series! So here are the links to these posts that go together.

Feeding Your Soul-Why Bible Study is Important
Where Do I Start? Tips and Methods for Digging Deep
Bible Study Posts and Resources

Here I am sharing my favorite Bible study resources and posts from around the blogospher and web.

In this post there are some Amazon Affiliate links. This means that if you click on the link and end up ordering the item you are interested in, I get a small commission. This does not change the price that you pay, but helps me out.



These are some of my favorite Bible study related posts. For more posts and resources, you can check out my Pinterest board, Walk. There are some links there that are handy, and usable for studying the actual Bible, but they are Mormon based. Just use discretion.

3 Ways to Dig Deeper in Bible Study-Lisa shares some great ideas for digging deep into the Word

Beginner Tips for Bible Journaling-Rachel shares some great resources for those interested in Bible journaling

Rooted Bible Study-Danielle shares some tips for studying the Word

Bible Study for Moms-Christin shares about shifting our perspective

How to Study the Bible by Topic in 4 Easy Steps-A very handy post from Arabah Joy

How to Do a Bible Word Study-Arabah Joy’s great post.

A Quick and Easy Guide to Choosing What to Read Next-A fun post from Alice.

Online Resources for Bible Study– A great quick guide to some online Bible study resources from Branson.

From a Mom to a Mexican Cab Driver-Traci shares a bit about her journey reading a Chronological Bible

The Classics-Traci shares some of her favorite books-including her favorite Bible studies.

All For Him Life’s Past Bible Studies-Pretty self explanatory, no?

The Bible as a Literary Work-Jennie gives us a brief overview of the entire Bible

How to Study the Bible (for Kids)-Ashley shares some great tips

Great Resources List for Bible Study-Angela has put together a wonderful list here

7 Practical Bible Study Tips for the Easily Distracted-Kelsey shares some good tips

Bible Reading for the Easily Distracted-Lynnae shares some great tips

Write the Word-Victoria at CreativeHomekeeper shares how writing the word transformed her faith

How to Study the Bible-Yelena shares her thoughts and some good tips

12 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Bible Study-Michelle shares some great pointers

Context is King-Don Landis on the importance of context

Best Onlines Bible Studies for Women-Kayse shares some great studies

Women’s Bibles Studies by Book of the Bible-Rachel shares a great guide

Bible Studies

The 17:18 Series-This series is pretty awesome. Inside there is space to write out the Scriptures you are reading, then there is space for you to make notes, observations or write prayers about said Scriptures.

James – Bible Study Book: Mercy Triumphs~This is one I just about finished with some ladies from my church. I missed one session, but it was a phenomenal study.

Children of the Day – Bible Study Book: 1 & 2 Thessalonians!This is one I did not get to finish the summer before last, but I hope to one day, the few sessions I was in where great.

For Beth Moore’s Other Studies Click Here

Kelly Minter’s Bible Studies-Right now I am doing What Love Is at church, we are just a week in, but it is good stuff.

Moms in the Word-A great groups of ladies who get together to study the Word

Good Morning Girls~I mentioned this study series the other day. A few Good Morning Girls Journals are available on Amazon, but for the rest of their studies (before they began publishing journals), you can check out their Bible Study Page Here (you may have to scroll a bit).


For highlighting most Bibles, you will need Bible Highlighters. Yeah, they are different from your average highlighter, designed to not bleed through the thin pages that most Bibles have.

You could also use Colored Pencils. These are great for Bible journaling/doodling as well.

Apps and Websites

OliveTree a free app with a lot of Bible study tools. Sorry, I’m not sure how to link to the app store for android or ios, so you will have to search for it. to the Word can be powerful, and help you ‘see’ it in a different light (so to speak). This site lets you listen to the Word being read by some very talented people. can look up verses, or chapters in almost any translation you could want, plus they have some excellent tools and articles to help you study the Word self explainitory if you ask me, but a very usefully site. put in your verse reference and it brings your verse up in different translations so it might help you see it more clearly. They also have some great tools to aid your study.

Blue Letter Bible-a newer one to me, but still very handy. I like that you can pull up multiple verses at once. There are also a lot of word study tools.


Once you get your supplies, you will need a place to keep them. Here are my top three favorite ways to keep it together.

The Double Duty Caddy

Super cute and functional. I love the ones I have. I use them for Bible study resources and tools.

The Creative Caddy

A Newer one, but I love all of the pockets. Would be great for Bible Journaling/doodling. I have one that I love and I am working on building a journaling kit in it.

The Keep It Tote

The perfect bag to grab on your way out the door to your Bible study. Perfect length straps to throw over your shoulder. Pen pockets. Mesh side pockets. Probably my favorite Bible study bag ever. Unfortunately, it will not be available after the end of January.

What are some of your favorite Bible study resources?

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