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Decluttering Journey:More Than Plasticware

Decluttering Journey:More Than Plasticware @godschicki

The other day I snapped this picture, because for me, it was a bit of a milestone after having learned several lessons.

Just plastic ware, right?
Yes. It totally is.
But my old brain says….

  • The red ones you got for your wedding (sentimental)
  • You paid for the others and they are not broken (frugal)
  • What if you find you could use them for organizing …..I don’t even know what yet, but you *could* need them….(frugality-what get rid of them if I might need them?/creative-what could they be, how could I reuse)
  • The green ones are so cute (Creative? not sure what that voice was…)

None of them good reasons to keep them.

The newer voice in my brain says…

  • You don’t need them, you got glassware for Christmas.
  • Someone else can use them now.
  • You don’t have space since you are replacing them with glassware.
  • Cute is great-if it’s still functional for you, but they aren’t.

Good reasons to get rid of them. So, I did. Me a year ago would have kept all of them. I did keep a few that I can use NOW (crayons, small toys), but the rest are gone, sent off to the thrift store.

Small victory in the war on clutter, but a victory nonetheless, paving the way for future victories.

What small victory have you won lately? (not necessarily in the war on clutter)

What voices in your head do you struggle with when decluttering or in you daily homemaking?