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Natural Homemade Detangling Spray

This is a post I wrote for my old blog and never made public, so today I am moving it over here.

I found this recipe over at Creative Christian Mama and thought I would give it a whirl.

I did make mine a bit differently, mainly because I got one bottle of oils mixed up with another, but, I really like how it makes my hair feel.

If you are pregnant or using on a child under 10, omit rosemary as it is not safe for use by these individuals. For more information on essential oil safety, please check out the essential oil safety page.

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Natural Detangling Spray (and Conditioner)

Homemade Detangling Spray @godschicki


Mix everything up (I used a whisk) until well combined…..spray on tangles, allow to set for a bit and brush. Easy peasy. Shake before use.

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