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It Has Been a Rough Couple of Weeks

I just realized that I missed setting up the Aprons and Pearls Linkup this week. Week #3 and already failing. Let us try again next week shall we?

It has been a yucky rainy week and a half. Add to that an over-tired, hormonal, pregnant mama. And all of the drama that comes with two small kids. It was quite a recipe for not much getting done around the house.

I did, however declutter over the weekend. The catch-all that was my closet is now (mostly) put into order. I got 9 bags of donation stuff out and filled up our trash and recycle cans (they were half full already).

Yes. It was a lot of stuff. I meant to take a before picture, but forgot. People say I should feel good about it, but my back and dust allergies have been killing me ever since I started, so it is a bit hard to say right now.

I put into practice a lot of things that I have learned from Dana White, over at a Slob Comes Clean. Seriously, check out her podcasts, they have helped me figure things about my thinking out. No Keep box….put things away right then. Extras…well, I did keep some extras that will get used. Two decluttering questions. Container concept. There were some more, but I cannot think of them right now.

If I do laundry everyday, getting through it all in a week, or just do a laundry day, I do not need 8 black tank tops (I wear them as undershirts for modesty, and they are handy when nursing-I can pull these down and my over shirt up) (among other colors!), I kept 3. I do not need 20 it’s-okay-to-get-messed-up-shirts. I kept 5. I have two that I kept to make rags out of, but they have already been cut-up.

There were clothes I got at the thrift store and did not like the way they looked on me. Shirts that I have had for year that do not fit anymore, or that I will likely not wear for a few more years because they are not very nursing friendly.

Shoes that I was given but have never worn, or do not fit right, or that were just worn out. A few single shoes got chucked too.

I went through my stash of notebooks/journals that was in there.

I still have more clothes (and journals) than I really need, but it is a start. Usable stuff to pass along and stuff that is not so usable stuff junked.

Hoping the weather gets better soon. I really want to get to the pool. And use the clothes line. And do some more gardening.

Playing around with ideas for a series on making your home smell good naturally. I have a few posts planned out, in my head. I have about 100 ideas swimming around my brain, just need to put them onto paper, so to speak.

I have nearly everything gathered for a big home blessing giveaway. Just a few things that I want to make, and well, I need to get a few more things caught up first.

Working on establishing a routine. Failing miserably thus far, but tomorrow is a new day, though a busy one! And our routine will be off…a lot.

The Bible study that I have been apart of at church is nearly done for the summer. One more week. Of course, I am about 2 weeks behind, so I will have a bit more to do. I am planning to simply write out the Scriptures that I am reading this summer. I haven’t decided what book(s) yet.

We are looking for a midwife for the birth of our little one. There are several in the area, and we are meeting with them to find the best fit. We would love to use the ones we have use before, but one of them moved out of state and the other is due in October (and we are due in November), so that is not going to work.

Wow. For a no-one-topic update type post, this has really turned into quite a ramble.

I would dearly love to leave you with some witty words of wisdom, but this mama’s brain is pretty much dead (hence the rambling!).

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