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Handy Homemaking Tool & Link-up

I am a note taker and planner. When I was newly married, I read a bit of advice that has been some of the best logistical advice I have read.

The List Pad @godschicki

Put a list pad on your refrigerator so that as you are working in the kitchen, meal prepping, cooking or cleaning, you can write thing down that you see you are running low on-right away.

Those last two words are key! It keeps us from running out of things (for the most part!).

As I go about my kitchen tasks, I can see that we have half a gallon of milk, I can jot down that we will need milk. As I see that we are running out of carrots, I can jot that down.

A lot of it is knowing how you use things, how quickly you are currently using products. I say currently because there have been times when we go through apples fast, others times we struggle to use them before they go bad. The way you use things as kids grow likely changes from time to time, so always bear that in mind when making your shopping list.

Another list pad I use on the refrigerator is a list of left overs we have in the frig, and the date they were made (you could use your weekly menu and mark things off as they are used up).

Menu planning is a whole post in and of itself!

If you are more technologically inclined, Google’s Keep app is great. Once my list has been made on paper, I oft put it into Keep (there are several note taking options-one of which being a check list which works well for shopping lists, they are even shareable. Say you call hubby to run to the store on his way home because the kids are sick. You can make up a list and add him as a collaborator, you can even edit in real time (if you start typing something else on the list and he has the app open, he can see you typing…which is pretty awesome if you ask me. Sorry for the ramble, this has been a much used app for us!).

I might write more on ways to use Keep later, but the cheap tool of the list pad has been wonderful.

Aprons & Pearls Link~up #5

No ordinary work done by a man is either as hard or as responsible as the work of a woman who is bringing up a family of small children; for upon her time and strength demands are made not only every hour of the day but often every hour of the night. She may have to get up night after night to take care of a sick child, and yet must by day continue to do all her household duties well; and if the family means are scant she must usually enjoy even her rare holidays taking her whole brood of children with her. The birth pangs make all men the debtors of all women. Above all our sympathy and regard are due to the struggling wives among those whom Abraham Lincoln called the plain people, and whom he so loved and trusted; for the lives of these women are often led on the lonely heights of quiet, self-sacrificing heroism.

-Theodore Roosevelt, 1905

I have made a Pinterest Board for the posts that you link-up, feel free to send me a message over on pinterest to be added. You can click here to check out the board.

About the Aprons & Pearls Link-up

Aprons & Pearls Link~up @godschicki

This is a Christ-based weekly link-up to encourage others in their walks, and help Christian bloggers get their work out there.

Leave up to three links to posts that are:

Homemaking/natural living/parenting/Christian walk related.

This could be natural living posts, recipes, cleaning, parenting, devotions, lessons, homeschool, Christian living, mentoring, modesty, gardening, homemade, diy, marriage, relationships, frugality, etc.

Linking Guidelines:

  • Link directly to your post (not to your homepage).
  • Please, no marketing posts (Plexus, Jamberry, Oil Selling or the like).
  • Life happens and we all get behind sometimes, but for each link you leave, please comment on at least two posts (1 link=2 comments, 2 links=4 comments, 3 links=6 comments).
  • Comments should be meaningful (at least 10 words and relevant to the post) and use keywords from the post title.
  • Add the Aprons & Pearls Button below to either your post or your sidebar so others can join in.
  • Use the hashtag #aprons&pearls when posting on social media so we can find your posts as well!

The link-up will run Tuesday at 6am-Sunday at 5pm. Please come back Sunday and check out some of the posts!



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I have had some issues with the image not showing up, so please let me know if this fixed it or if it is still buggy. Thank you for your patience as I figure this out!

Now, to the link-up!


Now through July 25th, 2016 you can enter to win my big Christmas in July Homeblessing Giveaway! Please take a minute to check it out. I am giving away a lot of items that I have found useful as a Christ following, natural minded, homemaker.

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