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Natural Odor Neutralizer

Odor Neutralizing Spray @godschicki

I love vinegar. I buy it by the gallon and use a couple a week (one day I would like to make my own, but that will take a lot more space!).

White vinegar is a great odor neutralizer. You heard correctly. It does stink a bit when it is wet, but once it dries, that scent and whatever odor was there is gone.

I use it as a fabric softener alternative, but the bonus is it takes stinky smells out.

Pour it in a spray bottle and spray offending items. Allow to dry. The vinegar smell dissipates as it dry, taking odors with it. Great for the trash can.

You can also spray it around on your furniture and curtains to freshen things up a bit (do test it on a small, inconspicuous spot first!).

For really offensive smells, you can spray, allow to dry and spray again if needed.

Have you ever used vinegar to freshen your home?


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7 thoughts on “Natural Odor Neutralizer

  1. Great! We just had a kitten moved in on us and the dogs. Was wondering what to wash the litter box with. Thanks for the tip!๐Ÿ˜Š

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