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Aprons & Pearls Link~up

Little by little things are getting done. Painfully slow process, mainly because the kids are so young and need mama a lot, and mama is tired.

I wish things were like in the movies…mostly the Disney ones where all of the nice little animals come and help you clean or you can clean with a snap of your fingers. We have a family of bunnies and some ducks and cats in the neighborhood that could lend a hand! I suppose that would cause it’s own problems, but one can day dream, eh?

Things have been further complicated this week by Bobby figuring out our baby gates….thankfully he’s pretty good at listening and going back in the living room when told…most of the time.

I feel like I am making progress. I can see the changes in the house, little by little it is getting better.

I need to be more intentional with teaching the kids to clean up after themselves this week.

Anywho…enough real life! On to the link-up


Aprons & Pearls Link~up #

What are your biggest struggles in homemaking? Was it something you learned growing up?

I have made a Pinterest Board for the posts that you link-up, feel free to send me a message over on pinterest to be added. You can click here to check out the board.

About the Aprons & Pearls Link-up

Aprons & Pearls Link~up @godschicki

This is a Christ-based weekly link-up to encourage others in their walks, and help Christian bloggers get their work out there.

Leave up to three links to posts that are:

Homemaking/natural living/parenting/Christian walk related.

This could be natural living posts, recipes, cleaning, parenting, devotions, lessons, homeschool, Christian living, mentoring, modesty, gardening, homemade, diy, marriage, relationships, frugality, etc.

Linking Guidelines:

  • Link directly to your post (not to your homepage).
  • Please, no marketing posts (Plexus, Jamberry, Oil Selling or the like).
  • Life happens and we all get behind sometimes, but for each link you leave, please comment on at least two posts (1 link=2 comments, 2 links=4 comments, 3 links=6 comments).
  • Comments should be meaningful (at least 10 words and relevant to the post) and use keywords from the post title.
  • Add the Aprons & Pearls Button below to either your post or your sidebar so others can join in.
  • Use the hashtag #aprons&pearls when posting on social media so we can find your posts as well!

The link-up will run Tuesday at 6am-Sunday at 5pm. Please come back Sunday and check out some of the posts!



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I have had some issues with the image not showing up, so please let me know if this fixed it or if it is still buggy. Thank you for your patience as I figure this out!

Now, to the link-up!

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