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Freezer Meal Planning & Diet Changes

Freezer Meals & Diet Changes @godschicki

With a busy season of life coming up, I am starting to think ahead to freezer meals for after the baby comes in November. I need to pull out the recipe binder and gather what recipes I want to try from around the web.

Having meals in the freezer makes the postpartum period so much easier. Not having to worry about meals-then anyway- is a load off my mind.

This will be a feat made slightly more complicated by the fact that we are cutting out gluten and corn, trying to reduce grains, dairy and processed sugar and cut out the processed foods that have crept in over the past year or so (it’s not a lot, but for convenience sake, I have slipped in a few healthier ‘snacks’ and meal items that are from a bag/box).

We are cutting out gluten because our son is very sensitive to it (not sure if it is celiacs yet, but it really causes some issues), and to corn as well (ever heared of ‘corn rage’?). I’ve tried to stay away from GMO corn, but that will not be a worry if we cut it out. The problem with corn is that there are about 100 names that it can ‘hide’ under. I am still working on learning them, but again, cutting out premade things will make this easier.

Grains do not hold a lot of nutritional value and are essentially fillers. They are also higher in phytic acid, which blocks the body’s absorption of nutrients.

Since I have yet to find a raw milk source, and raw milk products (cheese, etc) are harder to find (and more expensive if you can actually find them), I plan on reducing our use of diary. Diary is not particularly great for your gut anyway.

Everyone knows processed sugar is not good for you. We do not use a lot (I have the remains of a 10 pound bag that has been in the cabinet for a long time), but I am going to start watching it closer and subbing maple syrup or coconut sugar when and where I can.

Making stuff from scratch will also help eliminate artificial colors. Red dye causes major behavioral problems in our house, yellows have been linked to cancer…so we do our best to avoid artificial color.

Even though I try to opt for healthier processed items, they are still processed, changing and eliminating much of the nutrients.

I would love to get us all on a GAPS diet, but since I am pregnant and nursing I have to be careful about detoxing, and cooking two sets of meals (one for me and one for everyone else) is a bit much at the moment, I am sticking with the changes I listed above.

Something of a muddled Paleo/GAPS modified hybrid. So, pulling some recipes from each of those areas.

I have several blog posts planned and in the works. I plan to write about making real food and share some of the recipes and resources I am using in the process. I have already modified a few to be real food recipes (working around things like using canned soup or seasoning mixes).

Just freezer meals. Just one more thing that has been swimming around in the already packed space of my brain for a while. Just one more thing to be done before baby. Hopefully not the straw that breaks the camel’s back!

Do you do freezer meals? Do you have favorite real-food (no canned soup or packaged processed foods) recipes? Does your family have special dietary needs? Have you done a GAPS or Paleo diet? Have a recipe that is freezable?

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