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Aprons & Pearls Linkup

Just a friendly reminder in this crazy week: you are the salt and light Jesus talks about. As Christ followers, we are called to be Peculiar, Drunk (in the Spirit), to have Grace Filled Speech, and to Dress for each day. (As well as Overflow with Thankfulness if you missed last week’s post)

I know I often need that reminder when dealing with the crowds of people with seemingly no Christmas Spirit (or maybe just a me, me, me Christmas Spirit?). People can stress us out.  Remember to put on love. It binds all things together. It covers a multitude of offenses.

As you are preparing for your gatherings, remember to take time with God and feed your soul. You cannot pour from an empty vessel. Do not let your business eclipse God in your life this week! Take some time to be still in His presence.

If you are looking for natural ways to make your home smell good for your guests, you can put on a pot of Wassail, or check out these other ways to make your home smell good. There are a bunch of diffuser ideas for autumn that you can use, or maybe you want one to boost your mood and energy before your guests come.

Do not forget the importance of sleep and hydration! It is so easy to forget to take a water break, and buy into the “we can sleep after _______” mentality so prevalent in our society.

I shared my how to have a productive day last week, but there it is if you missed it. I know I need today and tomorrow to be very productive!

Life has been crazy here, but I am trying to remember that it is my mission field. I am more than just a mom. I am a stay at home missionary.

On to the linkup!

The Aprons & Pearls Link-up

“If you want to experience consistent victory and see it played out in the atmosphere of your home, continually look for areas in which the Holy Spirit is leading to greater obedience, and ask God what your part is in making that a reality.

Cynthia Carrier

Aprons & Pearls Link~up @godschicki

This is a Christ-based weekly link-up to encourage others in their walks, and help Christian bloggers get their work out there.

Leave links to posts that are:

Homemaking/natural living/parenting/Christian walk related.

This could be natural living posts, recipes, cleaning, parenting, devotions, lessons, homeschool, Christian living, mentoring, modesty, gardening, homemade, diy, marriage, relationships, frugality, etc.

Linking Guidelines:

  • Link directly to your post (not to your homepage).
  • Please, no marketing posts (Plexus, Jamberry, MLM Oils or the like). Affiliate links to relevant items okay.
  • Feel free to include old posts that need some love, relevant link ups and giveaways.
  • Leave as many as you like.
  • Link back to the Aprons & Pearls Linkup, either using the button below or a text link on either your post, sidebar, or link party page.
  • Use the hashtag #apronspearls when posting on social media so we can find your posts as well!

I would like to encourage you to browse through the links and take time to visit some and comment when lead.

The link-up will run Tuesday at 6am-Sunday at 5pm. Please come back Sunday and check out some of the posts!

I have made a Pinterest Board for the posts that you link-up, feel free to send me a message over on pinterest to be added. You can click here to check out the board.

As time allows I will pin some links from the linkup (unless you have already added them to the board), share them on social media and comment.

Please note: View expressed in linkedup posts do not necessarily reflect my own, and I reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts.


Now, to the link-up! Just click on the blue button below to add your link, and to check out all of the links left by others!

6 thoughts on “Aprons & Pearls Linkup

  1. Yes, yes, & yes to each of your suggestions. And, sadly, I’m often guilty of neglecting many of them … like sleep and water. I love Cynthia’s quote by the way. I hope you and yours have a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with lots of opportunities to be salt & light. Thanks for encouraging us all!

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