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Slayed Yet Vindicated {Guest Post}

Thank you so very much to those that contributed to make this summer break possible!

Slayed Yet Vindicated

This morning as I was doing my devotion I was reading the daily My Utmost for
His Highest and what Oswald Chambers had written really penetrated my heart.

Encouragement for when your are going through the refiner's fire. #encouragement #bible #job #refining #toughtimes #hardtimes @godschicki

I mean, I still find myself drowning in amazement at how what he wrote can so perfectly fit into our everyday lives. He had used Job as an example in his writing this morning and to be honest, it made me want to read the book of Job from beginning to end. (I don’t even know if I have done that before.)

I am just so quick to complain when things may get hard or when life brings me to a crossroad and I am left to decide one thing or another.

Poor me, having to make tough decisions and poor me when the wi-fi is down
or I have no phone service.

And God knows it is a tragedy when my blonde is attributing those brassy penny colored hues.

But seriously, who has been there before?
When not only the day or week but the whole month, maybe half the year seems to not
be going our way!

The first thing I know I don’t do is praise the Lord. That’s for certain.
Because why would I?!

My life is literally falling apart!! Right?

Haha. So, so wrong, my beautiful friend. Our lives are simply falling into place.

“Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.”

Job 13:15

Though it may feel like the Lord has a chisel on our lives and is constantly pounding at
that chisel, will you choose to trust Him still?

Is He the same God you learned about as a child that would never leave you, never let anything “bad” happen to you, the God who loves you this big? (Opening your arms as wide as they can go.) Yes, yes He is and He will always be.

I will be the first to admit that this is something I struggle with every single day.

Whether it’s because my life seems like it will never come intact, I will never
lose that weight, I won’t succeed, I am not a good mother or simply because I see
another mom who looks like they have it all together even though she has 10 kids. Ha.
Because we all know those are fiery darts straight from hell that the enemy endlessly
shoots our way.

Whatever it is that may be slaying you at the moment, let God have His way.

Trust in the stretching and uncomfortable straining you might feel right now
because soon, He is going to release you just like an arrow in an archers’ bow.

God sees the ultimate target and He is doing what is necessary to get us there.

So please, whoever you are, wherever you may be, whatever you may be feeling:


Trust in the God you could never even doubt when you were a child. Trust….in the God who is bigger than the universe. He’s got you. He’s got me. He even has those who you may be praying for.

“See now, I have prepared my case, I know that I shall be vindicated.”

Job 13:18

Bianca WIlliamsBianca Williams is a mother of 2 handsome boys and wife to an amazing husband, Chance. “If you were to describe to me the life I have now when I was in high school I would have literally died from laughing so hard. But that is what makes this life worth living. The fact that God can take who we were and turn us into who He has created us to be. I started writing as a form of venting and it was not until recently that I began to Blog and share what God was placing on my heart with others. I am nowhere near where I believe God can take me but that is what my Blog is about. Simply being Beautifully Unfinished. I hope that you remember that when you feel like throwing in the towel or when you just don’t think you can take one more ounce of pain. Christ is right beside you ready to endure all that you go through. Step by Step. Love you all and hope you have a blessed day.”

You can connect with her through her blog, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.


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