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Fires, Family, Changing Plans, and The Aprons & Pearls Linkup

Sorry for the unannounced break last week. It was a tough weekend and by the time Tuesday morning was here I was wiped out and had bigger fish to fry.

Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year, so I definitely will not be doing one that week.

This past week did not go as planned, but in a pretty good way (for us).

I have mentioned my love of our old family gatherings before, but it was felt especially this year.

We went down to Grandma’s house Wednesday night, planning to return Thursday night or Friday morning at the latest. We ended up staying until Sunday night. I did a few loads of laundry because I did not go crazy packing extra clothes like I normally do. I also had to do a couple of loads of diapers.

The big family gathering that grandma had hoped for Saturday did not happen. It was a pretty full house to be sure, but a lot of people did not come.

It was nice reconnecting with those that came. Sad to miss those that did not. Sadder that grandma missed them more.

It was fun helping my children make memories with their cousins. We raked leaves, jumped in them, built fires, made s’mores, and cocoa. Played games. Hubby helped them chocolate coat everything that they could find. Good times.

Last week we found out the our favorite library branch (and one that we attend story time and science time at) will be closing for around 6 months for renovations. Hopefully they will start after this story time session, or we might have the last two weeks cancelled. That would be sad. Have I mentioned how much I dislike change?

I have made peace with not being able to do krav right now. Last week Tuesday was rather nice not spending four hours at the dojo. I did not have to haul in as much gear either. I would still love to be able to do it, but maybe I will turn that time into dedicated blogging time.

Speaking of blogging, keep an eye out for some exciting announcements.

The Autumn Bucket List is kind of blending with the Winter Bucket List. We have already done the Christmas parade. We are going to see some lights at some local houses that really decorate. Cocoa is being enjoyed.

The ladies Christmas party at church is coming up. I

We have not yet set up our tree. Traditionally we do it the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but we were at Grandma’s house. Honestly, I need to clean the living room really well before we bring in the tree and rearrange things.

On to the linkup!

The Aprons & Pearls Link-up

“If you want to experience consistent victory and see it played out in the atmosphere of your home, continually look for areas in which the Holy Spirit is leading to greater obedience, and ask God what your part is in making that a reality.

Cynthia Carrier

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3 thoughts on “Fires, Family, Changing Plans, and The Aprons & Pearls Linkup

  1. Over here it’s considered bad luck to put your tree up till December 1st. Maybe your becoming part kiwi? πŸ™‚ πŸ₯

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