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Changing Plans, Rain, and The Aprons & Pearls Linkup

What a week!

I did not get as much done as I had hoped. In real life, or on the blog. I did set up a few things for the blog, but that has been about it.

The children have not been sleeping well, and I have had a pain in my neck associated with the odd sleeping positions that I have found myself in this week.

We had planned to dedicate our youngest two boys to the Lord in our church service Sunday, but our oldest (who was supposed to have a birthday party after the service!) started running a fever Friday night and it carried through until Monday morning. Enter more odd sleeping positions.

So we are postponing it to next week.

Trying to be more intentional about getting the house done, I am getting up at 5 this week (at least) to try to use the two hours before hubby goes to work to work on it.

After more rain we had a nice day yesterday and I was able to hang out more clothes. I ran out last night to get more clothes pins…mine seem to keep disappearing when girlie does “crafts”.

Sunday hubby and I will also be going to see Gone With The Wind in theater. It is being shown to celebrate 80 years.

The linkup party is getting a bit of a make over. InLinkz has updated.

Easter is coming! We have used our Resurrection Eggs a few times since last Easter. It is a great hands on way to share the Gospel with the children. We are intentional about celebrating Easter.

How do you celebrate Easter? What are some tricks that you have for getting stuff done around the house?

On to the linkup!

The Aprons & Pearls Link-up

“If you want to experience consistent victory and see it played out in the atmosphere of your home, continually look for areas in which the Holy Spirit is leading to greater obedience, and ask God what your part is in making that a reality.

Cynthia Carrier

Aprons & Pearls Link~up @godschicki

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3 thoughts on “Changing Plans, Rain, and The Aprons & Pearls Linkup

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  2. Ha! The only “trick” I have for getting stuff done around the house is just to DO it! It’s so easy to get sidetracked with a young family. Give yourself plenty of grace.
    We loved our paper mache tomb when our kids were tiny, and I’ve made one with my grandson. Very simple. A paper mache stone in front of the door. Two-sided paper dolls (happy side/sad side) made to look like Peter and John and Mary Magdalene. A plastic spoon wrapped in cloth for Jesus body. The tomb is closed until Easter morning when the stone is rolled away, the body is gone, and all the faces are happy.

  3. What a blessing that you are intentional about Easter and the gospel with your children. Too many families leave all that to the church and sad to say even some churches are doing more entertaining and nice little Bible stories than really presenting the gospel to our children. Thanks for hosting. Hope everyone is well at your house this week.

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