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Mama Brain, Life, Homemaking, and The Aprons & Pearls Linkup

I am sitting here, in Chick-Fil-A on Monday night trying to think about what has gone on in the last week! Mama brain is real!

We spent the weekend in NC with my family celebrating my brother’s birthday. It is always nice to go down and spend time with them. The mosquitos enjoy us just as much as grandma does!

It has been a little less busy here as we are in a break period from story and science times. We are all registered for the next session.

I did manage to make a bit of progress on the house. I feel like I make progress, and move on only to have the progress made undone before I know it! #momlife!

Krav Maga has been great the past few weeks. I have been learning a lot.

School is going well. We are loving watching our plants grow. It has been much warmer here, which has been nice because I can kick the bigger children out into the back yard for a bit! I do like to sit in the sun too.

Goals for this week are to finish the kitchen and at least start on the dining room. I am going to try to get up early tomorrow to get some things done before hubby leaves for work. Any tips for getting up with the alarm after being up nursing a lot? I am trying to change my thinking from “I’ve got to get up now” to “I get to get up now”. I plan on writing about it later.

I am really excited about this year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! The 21 resources that I know I will use I saved $476.94 on! There are 104 total products in the bundle that is going for just $29.97. You can read more about it here (or at the bottom of this post!). Have you ever gotten an Ultimate Bundle?

We have been trying to get in some spring activities. The farm stand we used last year to pick strawberries is not doing organic berries this year, so I am trying to find a decent farm in the area to pick. It is always fun, and it is something that I still remember doing with my mom and grandparents.  Do you have any favorite spring memories?

Lots of posts planned, but I just have not found the time to get them all typed out. I am hoping to get better at that.

On to the linkup!

The Aprons & Pearls Link-up

“If you want to experience consistent victory and see it played out in the atmosphere of your home, continually look for areas in which the Holy Spirit is leading to greater obedience, and ask God what your part is in making that a reality.

Cynthia Carrier

Aprons & Pearls Link~up @godschicki

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The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


9 thoughts on “Mama Brain, Life, Homemaking, and The Aprons & Pearls Linkup

  1. You sound really busy!
    And while it’s important to get up in the morning when you need to, it’s also important to get your rest because your body is busy being a milk factory on top of all the other things you are doing, so I, for one, wish I had listened to my body a bit more when I was a nursing mum.
    Take grace!
    Blessings to you!

  2. Hi, Robbi! I found you through the God-Glorifying Bloggers Facebook group. Thanks for hosting this linkup! I agree with Michelle. Rest!

  3. Wow, you’re a busy mama! Definitely get your rest. Kiddos can run you ragged, especially when they’re attached to you all day. I’ve never heard of a link up, that is such a thoughtful idea.

  4. Hi Robbi I tried to message you on Pinterest but couldn’t see where. May I please be allowed to join your group? thanks and blessings. Glenys

      1. Oh my I certainly understand that you have had your hands full. Praying that they recover soon. I would love to pin to your Pinterest board which I have followed. Blessings, Glenys

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