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The 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is LIVE!

The 2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

An Introduction to Ultimate Bundles

If you have been a reader here, you probably know how much I love Ultimate Bundles. Each year they put together amazing resource bundles revolving around a certain subject. From Blogging to Gardening To Photography, they have you

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

Their Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is something that I look forward to each year.

The past few years I have partnered with them to help spread the word about this great resource.

{This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through my links, it does not change the price that you pay, but I do earn a small commission.}

2019 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Each year Ultimate Bundles puts out great resources, and this is my favorite of the year. Even if I just use a few of the resources included, it is a great deal.

What do I mean by that?

This year, there are 104 products included, valued at $2,294.37. Will I use all 104? No.

I always go through the list of products included to see if it is worth the purchase price of $29.97. Why buy even digital junk if I will not use it?

I wrote a post on how you can tell if the bundle is worth it for you, you can check that out here.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


Here are some of my favorites from this year, broken down by category.


Lettering is something that I have been wanting to learn, so I was excited to see some resources listed in the bundle this year.

  • Brush Lettering $47 (this alone is worth the purchase price!)
  • Hand Lettering $27


  • 80 Affirmations for Christian Families $10
  • Heart for Hospitality $34.95 (more than the bundle price again)
  • ABC Bible Memory Workbook for Kids $10
  • Family Moments $20
  • From Grouchy to Great $12.99


  • Chore Board Printable $10


  • 5 Day Clutter Shakedown $40
  • Housekeeping & Cleaning Kit $10
  • Journey to Clean $15.99
  • Hostess Handbook $17


  • 2018 Digital Homeschool Convention $79 (a huge savings getting it with the bundle!)
  • Home Management for the Homeschool Mom $12
  • Teach Your Kids “How to Think” With Mentoring $10

In The Kitchen

  • Anchored Women Meal Planner $17


  • Intentional Love 31 Ways to Love Your Husband/Wife With Purpose $7.98


  • Christmas Sorted $32
  • Habit Tracker $7
  • Time Blocking 101 $12


  • Gentle Parenting Course $75 (another huge savings with this bundle)

So, for those 21 resources on their own I would pay $506.91, by getting them with the bundle, I saved $476.94!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


There are also bonuses included in the bundle!

One of the ones that I love each year is HopeInk. This year you get a $15 gift card, plus 2 art prints. What I love about it is that Scripture is woven though the prints that are suitable for framing.

I also really enjoy the Cultivate What Matters gift certificate ($15). I am all about being intentional, and these ladies help me greatly in that. I have gotten their Marriage and Parenting Goals books, as well as their one on making friends.

Want to check it out for yourself? Do not wait! This resource is only available for 6 days only!


Have you ever purchased an Ultimate Bundle? Do you have a favorite resource from a bundle?

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