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Halloween Ministry

There is much debate as to if Christians should participate in Trick or Treating on Halloween.

What we do for the neighborhood children at Halloween. #ministry #halloween #allhallowseve #neighborhood #trickortreat @godschicki

It is a tough decision to make, and ultimately one of the rib issues in Christianity.

I am just going to share how we minister to the neighborhood kids on Halloween.

We put together goodie bags. Each year we hand them out, and the kids get so excited about it.

What we do for the neighborhood children at Halloween. #ministry #halloween #allhallowseve #neighborhood #trickortreat @godschicki

We include:

This year we may include an organic juice box instead of candy. Last year we did snap bracelets.

I would love to include some fresh fruit, but sadly I do not think that it would be seen as safe.

We will also include a prayer card from church as well as a flyer for our monthly family game night (which happens to be the Friday after Halloween).

We have bags that are for the Teal Pumpkin project.

The reason that I am sharing so early in October is that if you do want to include Gospels of John from TPTL it can take 2-4 weeks to get them.

You can either purchase the Gospels (30 of them for $20), or ask someone to sponsor you if you cannot afford to purchase them.

We pray over the baggies. That God would prepare the hearts of those who end up with them. That they would be open to His word and either come to know Him in a real and powerful way or draw even closer to Him and pass along the Gospel.

I hope that you take this opportunity to reach out to those in your community. What other time do you have people knocking on your door all night? We as Christians can choose to shut ourselves up, or be a light in the darkness.

How do you reach out at Halloween?