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Laughter @godschicki


A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

I love to laugh. Thankfully, my days are usually filled with quite a bit of laughter. The kid’s laughter is infectious. Seeing them get the giggles over something makes me laugh.

Sometimes it is had to discipline them because they make me want to laugh.

Watching them watch a movie is a lot of fun. B. especially. He really gets into them, and though he has seen them multiple times, he still finds certain parts to be hilarious. I wish I could watch movies like that!

The kids and I went to the zoo twice last week since the weather was so nice. This included a lot of laughing in excitement over seeing animals they usually only see on tv.

Sometimes, the one kids gets to laughing which causes the other to laugh which causes the first to laugh even harder and that makes the second laugh harder and so on…..Those are some of my favorite times.

This post is really just a bit of fluff and an update.

In other news…..

We finally got to 200 likes on Facebook! When we reach 250, I will do another giveaway. Since it is for Facebook followers, I think I am just going to post it there. If you are not already following on Facebook, please take a minute to ‘Like’ Timeless Mama (you can connect with me via the bar on the left).

I recently found out that most, if not all, of my health issues stem from adrenal fatigue, which is nice to know, but since the biggest way to recover is rest, I do not know that I will be recovering until the kids are grown! I am trying to take care of myself with some supplements and resting as much as I can. I may post more about that, along with some resources here in the future.

Decluttering is going slowly, but it is going. I got rid of a whole bag of jeans that where hole riddled (if you are getting rid of jeans, check out how they can be turned into shoes to help people at, I filled up our trash can outside, and have a big box of stuff (including some never played with baby toys-which is prolly why I did not mind getting rid of them, since the kids never played with them) to take to the charity thrift store. Progress is being made, just ever so slowly.


One thought on “Laughter

  1. Such a delight to find this site! The community of women trying to live out God’s ways in their lives and homes! Nothing brings the joy that our kids laughter and getting rid of bags of uneeded stuff brings! Ha! I love getting rid of stuff, but it is such a process to be intentional about not accumulating MORE!

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