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Clothes Pin “Diffuser” & Link~up

Okay, your car is not technically part of your home, but you likely spend a lot of time there, plus this one can be clipped to a fan or vent as well as your car’s vent.

Clothes Pin "Diffuser" & Link~up @godschicki

Just take a wooden clothes pin and add 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oils along the length. (For safety, please read this post; for ideas on scents, you can check out this post.)

I found that it works best if you put the oils on right before you leave, so they are fresh. It gives a nice, subtle scent to your car.


Since I have written this, I have seen an idea I would like to try….gluing small pom-poms along the length of the clothes pin to put the oils on.

Either way, it is an easy-peasy idea to cut out synthetic scents.


Now- July 25th, 2016 you can enter to win my Christmas in July Homeblessing Giveaway. I am giving away some of my favorite products that have helped me in my homemaking, including some of my most used essential oils!

Aprons & Pearls Link~up

“Household life is not primarily a sphere for cooking, keeping things tidy, sweeping and dusting, nursing and the training of children, hospitable entertainment of friends, and the thousand things that must be done each day. It is a sphere for transforming souls into radiant, Christly beauty!”
J.R. Miller, The Shining Light

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About the Aprons & Pearls Link-up

Aprons & Pearls Link~up @godschicki

This is a Christ-based weekly link-up to encourage others in their walks, and help Christian homemakers grow in their skills and to help Christian Bloggers get their work out there.

Leave up to three links to posts that are:

Homemaking/natural living/parenting/Christian walk related.

This could be natural living posts, recipes, cleaning, parenting, devotions, lessons, homeschool, Christian living, mentoring, modesty, gardening, homemade, diy, marriage, relationships, frugality, etc.

Linking Guidelines:

  • Link directly to your post (not to your homepage).
  • Please, no marketing posts (Plexus, Jamberry, Oil Selling or the like).
  • Life happens and we all get behind sometimes, but for each link you leave, please comment on at least two posts (1 link=2 comments, 2 links=4 comments, 3 links=6 comments).
  • Comments should be meaningful (at least 10 words and relevant to the post) and use keywords from the post title.
  • Add the Aprons & Pearls Button below to either your post or your sidebar so others can join in.
  • Use the hashtag #apronspearls when posting on social media so we can find your posts as well!

The link-up will run Tuesday at 6am-Sunday at 5pm. Please come back Sunday and check out some of the posts!



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Now, it is time to link-up!

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