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Natural Hard Lotion Bars

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Natural Hard Lotion Bars @godschicki

I fell in love with hard lotion bars after receiving a sample from MadeOn. They have a great product.

I wondered if I could make some at home. What I ended up with was some amazing bars of lotion.  They soften my dry feet and hands (after catching up on dishes, your hands can get funky). I think the next time I make it, I might up the beeswax or subtract a bit of the coconut oil. They are a bit softer than I was hoping for, but not bad.

Natural Hard Lotion Bars

Not having a double boiler, I used a stainless steel mixing bowl over a pot of boiling water. You could also use a glass bowl or set a glass jar on a metal canning ring in a pot of boiling water. Or a double boiler.

If your beeswax is not in pastilles form, you might want to chop it up a bit. Break up your cocoa butter into some smaller pieces.

Melt your first three ingredients over med-low heat. You want them to just come to melting. Once those are melted, turn off heat and add coconut oil, allowing to melt. Mix well.

Pour into molds or prepared baking dish. Allow to cool over night. If you use a baking dish, just cut up the block into desired size. Store in a cool, dry place. I put mine in baggies just in case they get a little warm. I do not want them sticking together.

To use: let bar warm up in hand a bit and rub over skin.

You could add a few drops of lavender oil, but I used unrefined cocoa butter, which gives the bar a slight chocolate smell. If you use unrefined coconut oil, you will get a slightly coconutty scent.

As I mentioned before, I might decrease the coconut oil by .5 ounce or increase the beeswax by .5 ounce. These bars are quite nice, if ever so slightly softer than I would like.




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