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The Free App I Use To Keep Toxic Chemicals Out Of Our Home

One of our goals is to do things as naturally, and toxin free as we can. Many of today’s products (cosmetic, personal care, and cleaning products) are loaded with chemicals that have been linked to a myriad of health issues (cancer, fertility issues, etc). Finding clean products is not always easy.

The App The I Use To Check Products For Toxic Chemicals @godschicki

The Think Dirty app is somewhat useful, though it’s rather outdated on some things and lists some questionable products as okay.

Ingredio allows you to take or upload a picture of the product in question’s ingredients, it converts it to text and breaks down the product for you, giving you the general rating, as well as the ingredients information pages so that you can see what the hazards are. And it is free.

How to Get Started

I know that it is available in Google Play, I do not know if it is available for the iPhone.

Download the app. It is pretty easy there!

Take a Picture

Take a picture of the ingredients list on that bottle of shampoo or lotion before you get it. You can snap the picture, and crop it so that the ingredients are the only text visible (makes it a bit faster).




View Products Report

See the overall risks associated with the products, and each ingredient’s hazard statements and information.

This is a great, easy way to check products before you buy them. I have even screen capped ingredients online and used the app.

I hope that this app helps you get those toxins out of your home!

Do you have a resource for checking the products that come into your home?

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